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Founded in a quaint town called Kluang in southern region of Malaysia, YCL Precision Engineering Sdn. Bhd. has been playing a vital role in supplying precision parts to various industries in Malaysia.

Since its establishment on 4th November 1996, we have been serving the growing industries in the country including automotive, medical, lifestyle, power generation, industrial control devices, semiconductors, etc.

Along the way, our customer base also extended to ASEAN and the pacific region.

With more than 20 years of commitment in the technology sector, YCL Precision Engineering is dedicated to provide more top-notch technology to your doorstep.

In addition to the in-house production of customized precision components, YCL Precision Engineering continues to expand its global network to form strategic partnership with suppliers from overseas to provide you high quality parts and devices with zero defect.

With the global supply chain and connectivity today, we help you to source according to your requirement and guarantee you with our comprehensive quality assurance system with embedded cloud computing capability.

ycl value

Company Value

Efficiency and readiness to your satisfaction.


Your quality assurance partner in customised and selected technology solutions.


Provide zero-defect technology
solutions to customers and deliver in the shortest time possible.


Efficiency, an equation of cost saving, zero defect, promised lead time. Readiness, customer service with quick response, you can reach us at any time.


Precision engineering is the backbone that supports other industries, such as automotive, healthcare, lifestyle, power generation, industrial control devices, and semiconductors. The precision engineering industry can be segmented into modules and components as well as machinery and systems. Modules and components cover the design and assembly of semiconductor equipment and advanced machine tools. Quality and safety are top priorities in these areas to ensure the industry’s processes and output. Since its establishment, YCL produced more than 500 types of parts, and delivered more than 200 million pcs of parts to domestic and overseas customers.  



key partner in supplying wipers and other accessories to the car manufacturing industries since the surged demand in the 1990s.


with increasing requirement on hygiene and testing capabilities, we provide precision parts to manufacture medical devices and laboratory instruments that require near to zero tolerance.


as mankind seeks higher lifestyle and indulges in the coffee aroma, coffee machine is adopting more cutting edge technology that needs precision parts. The precision part from YCL ensures that your coffee aroma is elevated.

Power generation

since the industrialization, the power consumption has never stopped increasing, our precision parts in the switch box ensures the safety and distribution of electricity for household and commercial users.

Industrial control devices

industrial revolution 4.0 promotes digitalization. Control devices are gradually introduced to reduce dependency on labour forces, our precision parts are widely used in the control device that regulates processes in the manufacturing industries.


riding the wave of smart phone, handheld devices, storage devices, we continue to provide the minute parts to the semiconductors industries.



E-commerce has replaced the conventional retail businesses for the new norm of consumerism. As a company that keeps up with the trend, we set up a division to offer warehousing and fulfilment services for e-commerce merchants to store their goods in our 30000 square feet warehouse and ship their goods from our warehouse. The merchants can focus on their marketing, sourcing and customer service, while we handle the back-end operation. 


 We have strategic partners in the ASEAN and pacific regions who offer various technology solutions. You can engage us as a procurement partner to source equipment and solutions from overseas, we will assure the due diligence and deliver the goods to you with the promised quality from the vendor.

meet our team

Logeswaran s/o Jaganathan

Since he joined the company as a fresh graduate, Mr. Logeswaran always enjoys the mix of team force in YCL. With experienced seniors who provide constructive advices and fresh graduate who offers new ideas, YCL has the strength of a balanced team that complements each other. Employee is able to learn from all perspective and provide well considered solutions to  their customers. 

Miss Sara

As a graduate in architecture and landscape design, Miss Sara has the eye for details. In YCL, Miss. Sara is responsible for the quality control, ISO compliance as well as process improvement. Currently, visual inspection, specification check and automatic measurement was used, some under controlled temperature to realize zero defect production.

Mohd. Yusnizam

With 20 years of extensive experience in machining and production, Mohd. Yusnizam has high adaptability in the uptrend shift of machine development. He believes that with consistent technology upgrade, YCL will continue to be competitive in this globalization and digitalization era.


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